Mountain View Community Church

A message from Elder Don Herren


A little sin can

cause a lot of trouble

I was born in Jefferson City, MO in 1936 into the Methodist denomination and was active in the Youth Fellowship. 

I retired, from 20 years  active duty in the US Air Force, in 1976 and came to Arizona in 1979. 
The Air Force trained me in teaching, counseling, management and
organization, along with college courses in business administration.   I
used these skills as a church board member president in Missouri for
two terms as well as now for Mountain View Community Church. 

I served first as a Deacon from 2000 till 2005 when I was voted in as an Elder.  The congregation had met in the Fire House on Ralston Road since its inception in 1987 till 2002 when I was instrumental in acquiring a houseon Papago Road that was changed into God’s House by the labors of everyone in the congregation. 

 I choose to serve God for as long as he requires and to be a part of a friendly,loving, devoted Christian Church family. 

Come join our fellowship as we worship our risen Lord at 10:00 am.

Gods Calling to the Christians.


Setting examples as Christians

Praising God

You can stumble but you will not

permanently fall.